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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business And How You Can Benefit From My Ignorance

In 2008 when I started to explore the world of entrepreneurship I was ignorant.

Now I don’t mean that I was an idiot or a fool (although those words might not be far from the truth in some instances). I just mean that I was unaware of all of the things that present-day Eva (not sure why I just referred to myself in 3rd person) knows when it comes to starting and growing a profitable business. 

But that’s to be expected, right? I mean no one wakes up a master of his or her craft. It takes persistent work and practice to see the results you want. It usually also takes mentorship, money and time to do them at a steady pace so that you can turn a profit and do more good. 

My first photo shoot. Poor baby...

My first photo shoot. Poor baby…

So 2008 Eva had none of those (there goes that 3rd person speak again). But what I did have was an idea, a laptop, and a determination to launch a successful business that would change the wooorld!!! (Sorry. I got a little carried away there.) Fast forward seven years and I’m just now seeing the results I thought I would have seen in 2009. Talk about taking the long way around!

The truth is that whether you’re a intrapreneur, entrepreneur, solopreneur, running an NGO or opening a private practice, starting a successful business can be hard. No matter how much you learn on your journey there’s always more to know. At times it seems like you might never know enough.

That’s not true of course, but it always helps if you have a compass to point you in the right direction and a map to let you know how close you are to your goal. So in the spirit of not wanting your business path to take as long as mine did, here are five things (it’s the short list) I wish I would have known before I started out on my journey and a gift (at the end) to help you fair better time on yours. Continue reading

How to Create a Rich Social Work Mentality (Infographic + Workbook)

How to create a rich social work mentality - infographic (1)


So what do you think about the infographic? Did I leave a step out? Does it seem like too much to remember? Let me know in the comments so we can get some juicy discussion going.

And did I hear you say that you wanted a workbook to go with this nifty infographic so that you can dive deeper into the realms of the rich social worker mentality?

Sure thing! I’ve got one for you right here (no opt-in required).


mockup of workbook2

All I ask is that if you like these resources that you share them with everyone in the world!!!…no? How about just your friends then? That’d be great.

Don’t forget to download your workbook!

See you on the rich side!


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Have you ever tried to reach – oh, say – a million people a week or speak to issues of gender equality, race relations, technology, and elitism all at the same time? Well that’s exactly what one of my social work s-heros, Social Work Helper’s Editor-in-Chief Deona Hooper, does every day. Continue reading

6 Ways Your Product or Service Could Drastically Change Your Life

There are many ways to reach “Rich Social Worker” status:

  • Saving + Investing
  • Winning the lottery
  • Marrying into money
  • Creating a product or service that people want to buy

…for now let’s talk about the products and services rout (it gets juicy soon enough, I promise). Continue reading

Money: What Rich Social Workers Do To Make More

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