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This Little-Known Secret Will Give You An Advantage Over MBA Grads in 2015


As a social worker who has spent some time also working with corporate organizations, I get why businesses use social workers.

What is less understandable to me is why more social workers don’t seek opportunities to work within the corporate sector –  especially those who complain about not being able to make any money. Continue reading

What You Need to Know to Become Rich:Do What You Need to Do (Part 1)

The following is the first in a 5-part series from guest post contributor, Rick Cummings, MSW. You can follow Rick on Twitter @socialworkfactz or email him at [email protected] 


Are you familiar with the line from the following film?

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do.” James Farmer Jr., The Great Debaters (2007).

This line coincides with the patience, discipline, and mindfulness that accompanies the mindset necessary to develop wealth – to become rich. Continue reading

‘Ish Just Got Real: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for Your Ship to Come In and 7 Steps to Take Instead


This week my father had a heart attack.

Yeah. That’s some real ‘ish, I know.

But get this: it was evidently his second one. We found out he had had a smaller one prior because the doctors discovered some additional veins that had grown to try to compensate for the loss of an artery that had died at some point in the past . Continue reading

How to Know When It’s Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Living Your Dream Life

I’m dedicating this post to Priscilla Munoz because she’s jumped off of a cliff with no parachute and she’s helping others to do the same.

Let me explain. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Social Workers Need to be Rich

When most people think of social workers they don’t normally think of wealth or riches. In fact, if they do think of money at all it’s usually in the not-making-any sort of way.

It’s an unfortunate association, but the profession is often considered to be one of the most underpaid that exists. I say unfortunate because although the career path is lauded as a noble one, the typical correlating salary is less than prestigious. Continue reading

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