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Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Living From the Heart: My Interview With Priscilla Muñoz

When Priscilla and I met it was social work love at first sight.

Somehow in the midst of 100+ people at a Live Your Legend meetup in NYC the only two social workers in the room were able to sniff each other out. Needless to say the connection was immediate and we found out very quickly that we had a lot in common and were both on a journey to live our richest lives.

Priscilla’s Facebook page reads like a vision board full of colorful quotes and pictures that she takes of images that might speak to her heart as she adventures through life. So when she felt her heart telling her that she was meant to do something bigger with her life, she did what everyone who follows their heart does.

She quit her job.

Since that one daring act, I’ve witnessed Priscilla take massive steps to live a truly authentic life and build up others in the world. In just the last eight months she’s attended The Higher Purpose Project, StartingBloc, launched an educational project called the Creative Genius Conference in New York City, lost the love of her life in a horrific event, and found her truest voice as a creator and entrepreneur. Now a Heart Coach, Priscilla helps others find their individual paths to live the lives they were meant to share with the world – from the heart.

I was thrilled to get a chance to meet up with Priscilla in New York before she left for Burning Man, and I absolutely loved this conversation.

At 1:04 she gives an overview of spiritual entrepreneurship
At 6:55 she shares a secret
At 12:00 she explains why we continue to get the results we’ve always gotten
At 15:12 she shares how to start the journey into the self
At 17:21 she explains what a heart coach is and how one can help you
AT 25:47 she gives next steps to help you begin your own journey into entrepreneurship from your heart

Make sure you grab a pen and paper and take notes on this one. Priscilla shares tons of heartfelt wisdom like this quote and you don’t want to miss a note!

When you’re done, I’d love to hear how this interview has impacted you and what insights you’ve gained because of it.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community, and I look forward to sharing with you in the comments.

From the heart,

eva turquoise



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  1. I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this interview! I practice so much of what Priscilla talked about so it was really cool hearing that on the spotlight. Great job ladies!

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