You’re a social worker.

AKA a person a huge heart and a lot of hustle.

AKA Superman or Wonder Woman.

You spend your days in the trenches. You’ve seen things that break your heart open with the darkness and lightness of it all.

To your work, you give your time, your energy, your wellbeing.

You come home tired, heavy and dream of a pedicure and sipping rum on a beach.

You crave lightness in your life, time to recharge and money to invest in your self-care and family.

However, unfortunately as a social worker, having a full bank account is not something you expect. Social work is one of the hardest jobs out there, but it’s one of the most underpaid.

But what if there was a way for you to keep doing this work, while also having more money in the bank?

What if you could provide yourself and your family a richer life because you are more energized, recharged and bring in serious dough on the side?

The good news? This is a very real possibility for you.

Stretch Outside the Box

Hi! I’m Eva!!! (And as you can tell, I’m pretty excited about it.)

Like you, I’m a social worker who wished I had more time and money to give back to myself and family. So, I took matters into my own hands. All while still doing the work I love, I turned my skills and interests into a business on the side, that works for me, not me for it.

Through much trial + error (often more error than trial) and always with the help of mentors and coaches, I’ve figured out how to still work in the field, while turning my creative passions and interests into profit. I’m here to show you how.

I’m here to tell you that you can create a product or service (based on something that lights you up) that supplements your work, nurtures your creativity, brings value to others.

Just think how it would feel to have your phone buzz ca-ching while managing a crisis or working on a policy.

My job on this blog is to share with you the tools, tips, + tricks to absolutely increase your bank account and your joy. Seriously.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a truly wealthy life and how to strategically make that happen.

You’re a rich, vibrant and beautiful soul (of course you are many more things, but we’ll stick to the short list). It’s time to channel these riches into the abundant life you want for yourself and family.

To Begin, I’ve Got Some Gifts for You

For my first gift, I’ve created The Rich Social Worker’s Manifesto – a glorious mantra of truth + inspiration to ground you on your new course of personal + financial abundance. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, just sign up to receive free updates and, voila, it will magically appear in your inbox! #cool

For my second gift, I’ve got free strategy coaching sessions to give away and I ain’t afraid to use ’em! So go ahead, shoot me an email and let’s explore the possibilities of your new life.

A Bit More About Me

…and in the event you’d like to hear even more about my personal life, I’ve prepared answers to not-so-frequently asked questions that you still might want to hear about. Here goes…

Are you really rich?

Of course I am! In fact I’m one of the richest people I know! I love defining rich by external abundance but also love defining it along these lines:

“Rich means unlocking your spiritual potential, nurturing your health and happiness and using your unique talents to change the world.” ~ Marie Forleo

Do I have aspirations of being famously wealthy?

I do.

Do I feel bad about this as a social worker?

I don’t.

Has it taken me some time to reconcile my desire for both?

It has. But my “aha!” moment came when I found out that the more wealth I had, the more people I could help! This concept changed my life and is a large part of my motivation behind this blog.

What creative ways do you receive income outside of your social work job?

I rent a beautiful property.

I receive royalties from my self-published book How NOT to Practice Social Work: Saving Good People From Bad Practice One Step at a Time. That’s been pretty nice.  

I organize workshops around my social work interests.

I coach nice people like you to create their plans for personal and financial abundance. (How cool is that?!!)

What do you do besides run this blog?

I’m currently the president of the Jamaican Association of Social Workers. Some weeks I can devote up to 20+ hours to its development and operations. Besides that I’m a volunteer, a consultant, and a student of social work and entrepreneurship.

When we’re in the same space, I spend as much time with my sweetheart as possible (we currently live in different countries) and blending our lives takes quite a lot of time. Good thing for us it’s also tons of fun!

I’m also a mom to an amazing young WOMAN (I’m still getting used to that). Yeah, I’m pretty rich that way.

What kind of social worker are you?

Ummm…a delicious one…?

In case you mean what area of social work I practice in, I have two degrees in Social Work.

The first one is a generalist degree that I received from Oakwood University in 1999.  For the Masters my focus was in Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming (Columbia University) with an emphasis in working with diverse populations (Immigrants and Refugees)…which basically means I can do anything anywhere.

(just kidding; I’m not so arrogant)

What type of social work experience do you have?

Hold on to your hat cuz this list is pretty eclectic.

So far I’ve worked  with the elderly, Hospice Care (in the USA), survivors of domestic violence and abuse, people living with HIV/AIDS, members of the LGBT community,  international survivors of torture, Chinese and Tibetan immigrant groups in New York,  in Social Work education, and Social Work policy and administration.

In case you’re wondering, I love all levels of Social Work, but my favorite is being able to enlighten, inspire, and enrich the lives of my colleagues and clients through motivational groups and workshops.

Got questions? Want to connect?

Give me a shout-out at

Can’t wait to connect and talk to you soon!